LCC were delighted to hold a Book Launch for local author, Grief Support Coach, Motivational Speaker and NHS Nurse Jermila Sealys. Jermila holds a BSc in Adult Nursing and has been serving in that field for almost 10 years. She is a British Army veteran who went on a mission to Iraq and is familiar with both the sudden death as a result of casualties of her job but also have had significant and sudden loss of close family members. Her latest Book ‘Letting The Pain Out’, deals with coping with grief and reflects her approach to the pain of loss. Jermila said, “I am passionate about working with women who have suffered the loss of loved ones unexpectedly. Providing support to empower and educate women on aspects of death as a natural part of life is very important to me. As a Grieve Support Coach, I will provide women with a safe haven where they will be encouraged to express themselves freely. These women will never be judged or made to feel guilty and displaying their emotions.”