Enable Ability has some great news!
It’s been a really tough time for everyone.
In recognition of this, we have recently been awarded a grant by ESF Solent supporting employment and we are looking to help you, but need your input.
This is an exciting new venture helping those with mild to moderate disabilities, who are already going through our Inter Activ programme, which consists of Work streams (at our Portsmouth based Landport Community Centre) to gain personal skills and employability development.
After the ‘work’ streams, we then have ‘moving on’ options, working with an Into-work skills coach, funded by ESF/SSE.
Calling all Local Employers in the Portsmouth area:
We are looking to discuss these ‘moving on’ opportunities with accessibility friendly local employers. We will work with you, to help you truly understand the ‘superpowers’ of autism, ADHD, Dyslexia etc.
Your input could change the lives of our participants and help them reach their ultimate dreams and potential.
They could also easily become your number ONE valued employee or volunteer!
If you would like to help change someone’s world, please contact Virginia Horton to discuss further by emailing iwsc.vhorton@enableability.org.uk
Calling new participants:
Calling potential participants 18+, with mild to moderate disabilities (and parents and guardians of those) , We are looking for you to join us in the Interactiv programme.
Is this you? Are you struggling, feeling undervalued, misunderstood, and frustrated?
We can and will help you GROW. learn new skills and reach your potential.
Please contact, Karen Bristow at interactiv@enableability.org.uk